Dwarf interface

This is a very simple bean interface with a few getter and setter. Some of the properties are java primitive types. The homePage property has a complex type (java.net.URI). It is not a problem for [ini4j] to do the required type conversion automatically between java.lang.String and the tpye of the given property. The fortuneNumber property is indexed, just to show you may use indexed properties as well.

public interface Dwarf
    String PROP_AGE = "age";
    String PROP_FORTUNE_NUMBER = "fortuneNumber";
    String PROP_HEIGHT = "height";
    String PROP_HOME_DIR = "homeDir";
    String PROP_HOME_PAGE = "homePage";
    String PROP_WEIGHT = "weight";

    int getAge();

    void setAge(int age);

    int[] getFortuneNumber();

    void setFortuneNumber(int[] value);

    double getHeight();

    void setHeight(double height) throws PropertyVetoException;

    String getHomeDir();

    void setHomeDir(String dir);

    URI getHomePage();

    void setHomePage(URI location);

    double getWeight();

    void setWeight(double weight);

    void addPropertyChangeListener(String property, PropertyChangeListener listener);

    void addVetoableChangeListener(String property, VetoableChangeListener listener);

    boolean hasAge();

    boolean hasHeight();

    boolean hasHomePage();

    boolean hasWeight();

    void removePropertyChangeListener(String property, PropertyChangeListener listener);

    void removeVetoableChangeListener(String property, VetoableChangeListener listener);